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Do you want to learn more about copyright, especially as it relates to your rights and/or your research or studies?  Do you want to know the dos and don’ts about copyright, or plagiarism, or what the Copyright Amendment Bill is all about?  Do you plan to publish soon and want to know how to go about it?   

Well, you have come to the right place!   

Scholarly Horizons offers various web sessions which are particularly useful for academics, authors, postgraduate students, and librarians, but can also be tailored for corporates, government departments, specific interest groups, freelancers, NGO’s, authors, and/or secondary school teachers and learners.    

My presentations (currently online webinars and face-to-face workshops) are jam-packed with useful information, practical advice and tips, and various resources to help you.  



  • AI Issues
  • Copyright matters
  • Authors’ rights
  • Licensing and creative commons licences
  • Research integrity and writing honestly
  • Plagiarism and its consequences
  • Paraphrasing and quoting
  • Improving writing skills
  • Using social media and e-resources
  • Open access and open educational resources
  • Digitisation and archival materials
  • POPI Act and Librarians
  • Scholarly communication where and how to publish your work; avoiding predatory or questionable publishers; tips on how to identify predatory publishers; how to avoid citation pollution; a new research tool to check references to ensure you publish in and cite from reputable publications, authors’ addenda, many related resources, etc. 
  • Open access publishing institutional repositories (Green OA); open access publishing (Gold OA); publisher policies and embargoes, article processing charges (APCs), improving online accessibility, and improving your brand or status online, etc.  
  • Publishing choiceswhere to publish, conventional or self-publishing (incl. marketing tips and advice on referencing, formatting, look and feel, contracts, etc.)  


    Scholarly Publishing and Deceptive Publishing Practices

    Topics Include:
    – Definition of scholarly publishing
    – Criteria for scholarship
    – “Publish or Perish” syndrome
    – Introduction to scholarly publishing
    – Understanding the journal publishing process
    – Authors’ rights, authorship and ranking.
    – Publisher agreements and authors’ addendment.
    – Increasing research impact to become more visible on the Web
    – Open access publishing and benefits for academics and institutions
    – Key indicators for reputable publishers
    – Check lists to avoid predatory publishers
    – How to avoid citation pollution and predatory publishing
    – Learn about options to check references before publication or examination to avoid citation pollution and publishing in predatory journals
    – Additional resources on these topics are provided to attendees
    – AI Issues

    Writing Honestly – Copyright and Plagiarism

    Topics Include:
    – What is copyright and the term of protection?
    – Authors’ rights
    – Works not protected by copyright
    – Dos and don’ts when using copyright works
    – Fair dealing (Section 12)
    – Section 13 limitations and exceptions for education, libraries and archives
    – How to apply for copyright, when applicable
    – Social media and e-resources
    – Open access and open educational resources
    – Creative Commons open licences
    – What is plagiarism?
    – How to detect and avoid plagiarism
    – Examples of plagiarism
    – Turnitin.com similarity index
    – Paraphrasing and quoting
    – When and when not to reference
    – Referencing styles and tutorials
    – Formatting research reports, proof-reading and editing
    – Useful writing tips, research tools and resources
    – AI Issues

    Webinars that can be tailored to your needs

    Topics Include:
    – Copyright 101 for Librarians
    – Copyright, digitisation and archival materials
    – Copyright and Indexers
    – Copyright and Photographers
    – Copyright and Librarians in the digital space
    – Authors’ rights and contractual considerations
    – Licensing and Creative Commons Licences
    – Research integrity and writing honestly
    – Plagiarism and its consequences
    – Paraphrasing, quoting and improving writing skills
    – Using social media and e-resources
    – Open access and open educational resources
    – Scholarly communication and predatory publishing concerns
    – Open access publishing – Green, Gold and Hybrid OA options
    – Publishing choices for authors – conventional, open access or self-publishing
    – AI Issues
    – Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) and Librarians.

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    Feedback on Webinars

    Dear Denise Nicholson, thank you so much, I have learnt so much from your tutelage. When I was at Wits University, I attended all your workshops and I had a selfie with you and one of your partners. I still kept the selfie mama…Thank you so much mama for your mentorship.

    I have learnt so much from your tutelage
    Monica (Postdoc, NWU)

    The webinar was on another level yesterday.

    Indeed another session is needed (so much knowledge was shared in a short period of time)…

    The webinar was on another level!
    Dr. Tiyani Mabunda | North-West University

    On behalf of the DLS, I would like to thank you for sharing your talent, and expertise with the UP Community.

    The seminar was well attended, and well-received. Your presentation was excellent. and was really enjoyed by the participants. You brought copyright compliance to the UP community. This was evident from their active engagement and participation. We even exceeded the allocated time. We will follow up with DALRO on some of the questions.

    If this was a live music event, participants would have asked for more and sometimes fans usually shout “we want more, we want more”.

    Thank you very much for supporting us in making this seminar a success!

    Thank you for sharing your talent, and expertise with the UP Community. 
    Veliiswa Tshetysha | University of Pretoria

    Thanks again for all the brilliance you shared with our teams! 

    Looking forward to engage with you again soon!

    Thanks again for all the brilliance you shared with our teams!
    Theresa | Vega School

    On behalf of the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (SMU) Library and the Research Directorate, I would like to thank you for taking the time to give presentations on:

    1. The current RSA Copyright Law (1978) & The RSA Copyright Amendment Bill (2019)

    2. Scholarly Communication & Deceptive Publishing Practice.

    We learnt a lot from your sessions and we look forward to further engagement around Scholarly Communication issues.

    Thank you for taking the time to give presentations
    Sarah Kibirige | Sefako Makgatho

    Hope you are well. Thank you so much for your presentation during our workshop. Most of the participants confessed to me during lunch time that they now have an understanding of copyright law and how it affects their work. 

    Thank you so much for your presentation during our workshop
    Harry Nkadimeng | LDC NLSA