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Denise Rosemary Nicholson
Scholarly Communications and Copyright Consultant

SCHOLARLY HORIZONS is a private consultancy business, managed by Denise Rosemary Nicholson, an internationally recognised specialist librarian in copyright, open access, scholarly communications and related issues.  

Scholarly Horizons was established on 1 March 2021 and is based in Gauteng, South Africa.
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My Vision

To expand scholarly horizons by enhancing research integrity and reputable knowledge production through advisory and educational services, and to promote access to knowledge through collaborative projects with international, regional and local partners

Mission Statement

To achieve its vision, Scholarly Horizons offers the following services:

Education & Training

Scholarly Horizons offers educational webinars and workshops for academics, professionals, students and writers in general on topics including copyright, plagiarism, referencing, ethical writing, open access, scholarly publishing, avoiding questionable publishing practices, etc.  Assists libraries, corporates, government departments, educational institutions and others to develop policies and training courses on above topics.

Research & Publishing Support

In addition to services listed above, Scholarly Horizons assists researchers, professionals, corporates, lecturers, supervisors, and students in navigating the research process, ensuring academic integrity and promoting ethical practices, copyright compliance, authors’ rights and negotiating contracts with publishers. Also, provides guidance on where and where not to publish, and how to identify and avoid questionable publishing practices. 

Brand Management Support

Assists researchersreport writers and others to build and manage their institutional and national/international brands using online platforms and tools; checks references and CVs to ensure they use and cite from reputable publicationspromotes open access and online visibility; provides advice and resources on how to avoid publishing in and citing from questionable publications.  

Special Projects

Promotes access to knowledge through collaboration with international, regional and local partners, including library associationsresearch and educational institutions, government departments, non-governmental organisations and others in the public and private sectors.   

How Scholarly Horizons Can Help You.

Academic life in the digital environment has become extremely challenging with a broad range of responsibilities to meet the needs of the 21st century and 4th industrial revolution.  Apart from increasing numbers of students, and blended teaching, supervision and examination responsibilities, academics are under constant pressure to publish more frequently to increase institutional research outputs. In some disciplines, postgraduates are also expected to publish before they graduate.

Excellent writing skills and research integrity are key requirements in all publications, degrees and courses in academia, yet the fundamentals of copyright compliance, citing and referencing, publishing, and research integrity are not always known, applied, or included in course content or training programmes. As a result, standards vary from Faculty to Faculty, institution to institution and country to country.

Scholarly Horizons offers advisory services and tailored educational programmes to help raise awareness and enhance knowledge about the abovementioned topics not only for academia, but for the private and public sectors too.  By engaging in these topics through webinars, workshops and information services, academics and others will expand their scholarly horizons.

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