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Intellectual Property

Access Shrugged: The Decline of The Copyleft and the Rise of Utilitarian Openness

Artists await U.S. Supreme Court decision in case involving Warhol, Prince, and Aspen photographer Lynn Goldsmith

Canada Steals Cultural Works From The Public By Extending Copyright Terms

Compliance of National TDM Rules with International Copyright Law: An Overrated Nonissue?

Consensus, Not Command: A Smarter Approach to Standard Technical Measures

Explainer: The Supreme Court, Fair Use and the Future of Protected Artistic Expression

Google to Roll Out App for AI-Generated Artwork, Complicating Copyright Worries

India-UK FTA Leaked Draft Reveals Nobody’s Gain Except Big Pharma

Lawsuit Raises Copyright Concerns in AI‑Generated Work

Left on Our Own: COVID-19, TRIPS-Plus Free Trade Agreements, and the Doha Declaration on TRIPS and Public Health  

Legal reform to enhance global text and data mining research

NFT copyright is still a total mess, says report

Publishing & Research Communications | Part 4: Publishing Ethics (YouTube)

Reading Sec. 52(1)(za) of the Copyright Act 1957 (India)

Stop the Copyright Creep

The Copyright Experience of the University of The South Pacific: A Union Perspective

The Role of Copyright Law in Text and Data Mining Research

United States: The U.S. Copyright Office And USPTO Announce A Joint Study On NFT-Related IP Issues

Warhol v Goldsmith 10 12 2022

World Intellectual Property Indicators 2022

Copyright Seminar alerts December 2022 and January 2023

‘Fair Use’ and ‘Right to Research seminars’ – South Africa – in-person and via Zoom –  For details & registration, please see:

Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication

Academic Integrity Series – Fake News

Developing policies for Open Science

Digital Books wear out faster than Physical Books

Europeana begins building the common European data space for cultural heritage

FORCE11 and COPE Release Recommendations on Data Publishing Ethics for Publishers and Repositories: A Discussion with the Working Group Leadership

Is Scientific Communication Fit for Purpose?

Journal Article: “Open Access and Its Potential Impact on Public Health – A South African Perspective”

Libraries Are Launching Their Own Local Music Streaming Platforms

New policy to make MBIE-funded research free online (NZ)

New Report From the Internet Archive: “Securing Digital Rights For Libraries: Towards an Affirmative Policy Agenda for a Better Internet”

Open science round-up: October 2022

Paper-mill detector put to the test in push to stamp out fake science

Preprints as a pathway to Open Access

Students Are Using AI to Write Their Papers, Because Of Course They Are

The Changing Landscape of Open Access Compliance

The E-Book Wars

The Predator Effect – Fraud in the Scholarly Publishing Industry: An Interview with Simon Linacre

Transformative Open Access Agreements: a Response to Scholarly Publishing

Why I think ending article-processing charges will save open access

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